Stefan Danerek

I am an independent scholar with expertise in Indonesian, modern Indonesian literature, endangered  languages documentation (Austronesian), digital humanities, folklore, and woven ikat. Current interests are Flores languages, ikat, arts-crafts, and how these function in society, through linguistically informed investigations. I also translate modern Indonesian literature into Swedish, and do proofreading and commercial translation assignments. Do inquire for any of the mentioned.

  (Cawa Lunda is a Palu'e name, where Cawa is the first name [usually inherited from one's grandfather] and Lunda is like a family name, the father's first name, mentioned to separate one Cawa from another. If married the name of the wife/husband is usually used.

  With Magnus Danerek, I have a commitment to fully document the Palu'e woven ikat tradition. We are working to revitalize Palu'e weaving by feeding back the documentation to weavers who work with revived natural dye methods. This is really important, and it has been going well until an accident-disease and the so-called pandemic upset our lives. The work is costly because the location is far away and rather isolated, and we can no longer purchase and keep every new cloth for ourselves. We appreciate support for our ongoing endeavour. You can for instance purchase a textile to help sustain the project, give a donation, or both – make a donation and get a plant dyed Palu'e ikat shawl (such as 100 EUR). Images of sarong cloths and shawls are shown onsite, and can be sent.

   Don't hesitate to contact us by email: Cawalunda[at]

  See also the Palu'e Audio Collection.



Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

         Ph. D. in Indonesian. Modern Indonesian Literature, minor related subjects (2007)

         Dissertation: Tjerita and Novel: Literary Discourse in Post New Order Indonesia.

Department of East and Southeast Asian Languages, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

         BA in Indonesian; minor in Philosophy and Literary Science (1998).

Science Program, Senior High School, Klippans Gymnasieskola, Sweden (1987-1990)


2017-2020-. Research/writing/presentations related to previous Language and oral traditions documentation project in eastern Indonesia (tenun ikat-project). Translator of Indonesian literature (2018-2019).

2013–2016: Language and oral traditions documentation project, Palu’e/Flores, Indonesia.Affiliated researcher, Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan, Jakarta.  Translator of Indonesian literature (2016-)

2007–2012: Researcher, translator, writer. Indonesian fiction to Swedish, guidebooks, editing/interpreting. Research Indonesian literature (2011-2012).

2002-2006: PhD Candidate, Department of East and Southeast Asian Languages (-2005) and Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University (2005-2006)

Conferences, recent contributions

LISAN XI, International seminar oral traditions, Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan, Makassar, 24-27 Oktober 2019. 'Pio pikariwu: origin   narrative, stranger-king, and history (Palu’e, eastern Indonesia)'. International seminar on Austronesian and Melanesian languages, Kantor Bahasa NTT, Kupang, 22-23 Oktober 2019: ‘Documenting sara Lu’a (Palu’e): from planning to curating’.

WITS (World Ikat Textiles Symposium), Jakarta, 23-25 August 2019: ‘Palu’e ikat: Origin, continuity, and future of the stippled patterns’.

ICAS 11 (International Conference of Asian Scholars), Leiden, 15-19 July 2019: ‘Palu’e ikat: Nomenclature and iconography’.