Sépa – Palu’e scarfs/shawls

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This is how the Palu’e patterns, drawn from the sarong patterns, look on shawls. A small group of Palu’e weavers on north Flores were given the task to make shawls from the inventory of cloth patterns, some of which we had shared with them. The women have been working with natural dyes for at least four years now, and are now quite skilled at it. Happy to see these sépa.

Image 1. The patterns are (left to right): 1. Hura 2. Wua wela 3. Loka 4. Wua wela 5. Nae romo (the men’s cloth) 6. Wua wela 7. Dobe 8. Dobe.

Image 2. The patterns are (left to right): 1. Widhi mata 2. Sa loi (part same as Hura) 3. Loka 4. Bhejo 5. Wua wela 6. Wua wela 7. Nae romo 8. Widhi mata 9. Wua wela. The last one is made by  Mama Longge, our master weaver who indirectly spawned the idea to make various shawls.


Wiwi ca réta ca'i liru, lema lawa lae ceré no'o tana